Common Problems With Your Teeth

The teeth in your mouth are what makes eating such an easy feat. If we didn’t have teeth, there would be no way to chew and tear pieces of hard food, and we would be stuck either relying on fluids, creams and very soft food items like a few fruits and vegetables. Eating meat would be pretty much impossible.

Since teeth are so useful to us, it is very important that you take good care of your teeth and your mouth in general. Good practises such as brushing your teeth regularly at least twice or thrice a day should be taught to small children so that they may continue doing so once they grow up into adults. This can greatly help in reducing the likelihood of dental problems arising.

Below are some common dental problems all over the world:

  • Tooth Decay – One problem that you have definitely heard about is tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when a layer of bacteria and various sugars (called plaque) is allowed to stay too long on the surface of a tooth. Bacteria on the plaque consume the sugars and secrete an acid, which corrodes the surface of the tooth and causes cavities. If left unattended for too long, even small cavities can turn into quite deep ones, sometimes reaching the blood vessels feeding the tooth. This will definitely give rise to a whole host of other problems, including infections. Tooth decay and cavities can be avoided if regular brushing of teeth is carried out using fluoridated toothpaste. Make sure to brush every little area and surface of your teeth, even the harder to reach areas. If you think you have a cavity, go see a dentist as soon as possible. Know more about cosmetic dentistry Hobart.
  • Tooth Infection – Now this is what a bad case of tooth decay can lead to. An infection is a serious case which needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Most of the times you will generally do so because an infection is going to really painful, to the point of where you will be unable to eat or even sleep. An infection will definitely require your dentist to do a root canal operation. Be also aware that cracked teeth can also lead to infection just like cavities, since bacteria will have an easy access to the pulp of your teeth.
  • Increased Tooth Sensitivity – Some people will experience an increased sensitivity in their teeth. They will often be unable to eat or drink extremely cold or hot food, as well as anything with a strong taste. The cause for this are exposed root surfaces of your teeth due to gum recession. These root surfaces have increased sensitivity compared with your gums, which explains the aforementioned reactions. Causes for this can vary, but they can often be traced back to bad teeth brushing habits. You can try to alleviate this condition to some extent by using special toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth.
  • Tooth Discolouration and Enamel Erosion – Both of these are caused by various food we eat. Enamel erosion is typically caused by excessive consumption of soft drinks, while discolouration often happens due to consumption of food containing certain pigments. Both of these can be avoided by reducing the intake of food causing the condition, but over the counter drugs do exist for discoloured teeth.