Teaching Your Kids Good Health Care Habits


Healthy children are happy children. It is of the utmost importance to teach your children the importance of health care and to teach them healthy habits at a young age. Making health care a priority from a young age will ensure that they will continue to maintain these good habits all their life.

Eat right

Start off by teaching your kids to eat right. Ensure that they eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Children are notorious for not liking to eat fruits and vegetables but this is often because at some point they pick up the message that vegetables are gross or yucky. If from the time they are able to eat solids they are taught to enjoy snacking on vegetables then it is likely that they will continue to enjoy vegetables all their lives. Yet another way to get them to eat vegetables is to juice them or make smoothies. You can often disguise the flavour of spinach with some berries and a breakfast smoothie loaded with greens and fruits or vegetables is a great, tasty and easy way to get them all their nutrients. The other option is to lead by example. Show them how much you enjoy eating vegetables and they will want to imitate you and so will eat them voluntarily. If all else fails, implement the ‘lot or a little’ rule where they have to serve everything but are allowed to eat only a little of what they don’t like.

Visit the doctor

Schedule regular appointments with your paediatrician, GP and dentist.

Children often dislike these visits and may even dread a visit to the dentist Hamilton. Make these appointments fun by scheduling a play date or a visit to the park or a trip to get some ice cream after the appointment. This will give them something to look forward to after and as they start to understand that regular doctor’s visits can keep them healthy they will continue to give their health top priority all their lives. You could also look for recommendations for doctors who do well with children – if your child is at ease during the appointment they are less likely to fuss on a return visit.

Getting exercise

It I never too early to start exercising. Enrol your kids in swim class or perhaps have them join a soccer team. If they do not particularly enjoy organised sports do not force them to participate. Instead, encourage them to play outdoors, take family walks and teach them to ride a bike.